Friday, September 5, 2014

Thinking Thoughts

I'm sitting here, I'm suppose to be working... but instead I've been getting a little caught up in my thoughts. GG is sleeping peacefully beside me in his rockin' pod. He went to sleep holding his bottle, he started holding it all on his own yesterday. He is so precious. He's currently pooping in the potty 98% of the time and peeing in it about 40% of the time. We're getting there! He's only pooped in a diaper once this week that I'm aware of and that's because we were at my doctor's appointment... and you guessed it - he went right before the doctor walked in, so yeah.... however he was ready for that nasty mess to be off of his booty immediately! What a little stinker! He's so intelligent!!

Chris and I have been married for 4 years as of Tuesday. Sometimes it seems so much longer though. I feel like I've just always known him. It's crazy to think about the fact that we meet in July and got married on the 2nd of September - yes, in the same year. Everyone probably thought we had gone insane! We were both not long out of failed relationships. We each prayed to find the person meant for us and God came through... much quicker than we ever could have expected. When I think about my life before it feels almost as if it was the life of someone else entirely. I wanted to write this post up before our anniversary, but ran out of time... better late than never!

     You have given me more than I could have imagined was possible. You love me passionately and unconditionally. I don't think anyone else realizes just how truly wonderful you are.. at least not to the extent that I do. You stood by me in the beginning and rode  the wave of emotions I was on,with me. Always my shoulder to cry on, always there to keep me on my feet when the tides crushed in around my head. You were perceptive enough to know that while I truly loved you, I was still going through the pain of a failed marriage & relationship that had lasted nearly half my life. You held me when I felt like I was too weak and needed to feel the strength of another person. You lifted me up and made me laugh when I thought all laughter had died for me. You also let me be there for you and help you through all that you were going tackling. Together we were able to stand and fight our raging seas. God knew exactly what he was doing with us!

      I'd go through everything all over again just to end up with you. In the past 4 years you have shown me what true love is. You never let a day go by without telling me that I'm beautiful/sexy/pretty/amazing - you will never know how much just that in itself means to me. You have helped me build my confidence level to where it should have been all along. With you I have become the woman I was meant to be, the wife that I am and now the mother that I am still learning how to be. You have always made time for me and showered me with attention and affection - 4 years later and you still do, everyday, and that my dear is a HUGE deal! You miss me when we're apart and voice the sentiment. You love me as I love you. It's wonderful to know that I am so loved. 

     Chris, you have well exceeded my expectations of you as a husband AND a father. You are loving, protective, unbelievably smart and a total push over when it comes to our son. I love you even more than I did in the beginning. My love for you grows leaps and bounds each and every day. I pray that as GG gets older he will realize what a truly wonderful father he has - I'm sure he will! Thank you for being all that you are. I wouldn't have you any other way (even when you leave shoes all over the house!). I love you sweetheart, to the moon and back; as far as the east is from the west; as much as the sky and more, I love you.

     Forever. Diona