Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why we don't celebrate Santa

I get crazy looks and have even upset a few people when they hear that Chris and I will be teaching GG about Saint Nicholas, but not doing the "Santa" thing. We want GG to grow up giving, not expecting to receive. We will absolutely teach GG to respect that others believe in Santa and not to tell them any differently. I hope and pray, that with how we will be raising him that he will have a loving heart and not want to ruin the ideals that other children have - not just about Santa, but other things as well.

I found this in an article over at The Huffington Post and loved it, it's very wonderfully said.
"Kids' sense of wonder does not rely on thinking things are "real" or not. There is a fine line between pretending and believing, and that's where their imagination lives. I also don't believe in using Santa (and definitely not the creepy, Big Brother-like Elf on the Shelf) as a means to make my kids behave." 
"If Santa is your family's cup of tea, go for it. It's just not mine. And I think Christmas is pretty magical without it."

Some of the main reasons that we won't be teaching GG to believe in Santa:

  1. Realizing that Santa isn’t real can cause hurt. Children are often devastated, heartbroken even, when they discover that Santa doesn't really exist. It's a hurt that sticks with some for years and into adulthood. My children may or may not react the same way, but it is a hurt I do not want to risk.
  2. Santa’s mission is materialistic. Christmas’s focus encompasses getting gifts and therefore glorifies Santa because he’s the supposed gift-giver.
  3. Santa encourages wrong motives. Christmastime has become all too materialistic, but it also teaches the lesson that you should only be nice (or extra nice) to others when you want something or you’re going to get something from it. 
  4. Santa is given attributes that belong to God alone. “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good…” It gives Santa two important attributes that belong to God alone. Omnipresence (he’s everywhere at once watching all the children sleep) and omniscience (he knows all). 
  5. Santa is dead. Yes, there once lived an honorable, gracious man who did great things…but he lived a long time ago and his time has passed. He was not immortal and his efforts, I’m pretty sure, were not intended to be translated into what they have become today in our modern Santa Claus.
  6. Give credit where credit is due.  I want GG and any future children to know that they are blessed with toys and necessities because their father is a hard-working man.
  7. Santa is a lie. I don’t know who decided to start teaching their children to believe in fictional characters like Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny, but I personally don’t want to be viewed in the eyes of my children as a deceiver. I want them to know that what I am teaching them is the truth and is full of honor. 
  8. Jesus is the reason for the season. Not Santa. Not presents. Gathering together with family is a close second, but, ultimately, the celebration of Jesus’ birth, His arrival to earth to deliver us from our sins, is THE reason for CHRISTmas. 


"You’re ruining your kids' imagination!"We foster imagination in every day activities. We will still read GG stories with Santa as a character he just won't be raised to believe that Santa is a real person.

"Santa, in our culture, is personified to such a degree that there's no room left for imagination. Children know what he looks like, what the North Pole is like, what the reindeer look like, and so on. Kids can even go online and follow his progress on Christmas Eve. If I believe something exists, it's not my imagination I’m using, but something else entirely."

“You’re taking the magic out of Christmas!”I, as an adult, haven't believe in Santa since I was in elementary school, but it has NEVER ruined any of the magic of Christmastime! To think that the spirit of and magic felt from Christmas is solely due to Santa is sad in my opinion. Just the lights alone during Christmastime fill me full of magical-child-like-wonder. 

Santa teaches our children that only "good" children deserve to be rewarded. Thus, those children that's families couldn't afford to get them gifts must not have deserved them. When this is believed we are reducing the degree that we're supporting the real spirit of Christmas.

"The "magic" of Christmas for many children remains in the realm of commercialism. Children are concerned with presents, wish lists pages long, and a sense of entitlement that is antithetical to anything magical. How many kids tear through opening presents because all that matters is seeing what they got? How many end up sad and upset because Santa didn’t get them what they wanted, especially when they were “good”? The magic of Christmas lies in what you do with it and the kindness you show to those around you. You don’t need to think Santa is real, you just need to make sure you create an environment that is filled with love and happiness, and that can be done with or without Santa."

Friday, October 31, 2014

1/2 of a year already!

Little G turned 6 months last Saturday, he keeps me so busy that I'm a week late with this post! He's 27 1/2" long & 16 lbs, 8 ozs. He got his first virus a few weeks back and lost almost a pound, but he's been gradually getting it back.

He has such a personality! 

Not only is he hitting all of his milestones, but he's also hitting all of his 9 month milestones as well - I think we have an over achiever on our hands. He can go from laying on his back to sitting up in 0.5 seconds and is walking everywhere in his walker... even running and turning sharply - he chases the dogs all over the house! He also sits up all on his own, for as long as he wants. Last week started crawling forward (finally after doing it backwards for some time) and gets better (and faster) every day!

GG is grabbing anything he can get his hands on as well. If we're carrying him in a store we have to make sure to keep him away from the shelves. He can be a little stingy with his smiles though, unless you're a pretty girl. Yup, he's already a huge flirt!

He has a huge love for animals just like Chris and I. He's also really starting to enjoy visits to the zoo to watch all of the animals!

He has started "sharing" his food when you ask him for a bite and he's beginning to give mommie kisses nowadays. His favorite food these days? Big people food! He'd rather have real mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, mac'n cheese or bread any day. He still gets baby food, but he's started blowing it out some of the time. He typically gets baby food three times a day, big people food with two meals and then he's still drinking lots of formula throughout the day. My little man loves to eat!

He has three favorite toys: a Grover remote, his blue owl (lovie) and a round teether.

Me & Bobby McGee can still get him to sleep, but not always, however, if I'm playing any type of mellow indie song it will get him to sleep in no time. He still fights to stay awake at nap time... almost every time!!

Barney is his favorite thing to watch on t.v., Phineas and Ferb is second best. I've recently introduced him to The Nightmare Before Christmas (being the huge Tim Burton fan that I am) and he's begun to like it pretty good too.

If I had to guess, I'd say giraffes are high on his list of likes. When he sees one in a store (pillow, toy, plush, ext) his eyes light up, he gets excited and tries to go for it! Yup, that's my boy!!

Still going on the potty the majority of the time. When he was sick he had diarrhea and that's been the only time, with the exception of one accident, that he hasn't pooped in the potty. We're getting much better at catching him before he pees and getting him to the potty.

He's trying to pull up on everything and wants to walk so bad he can't stand it. He has a large red ball that he's recently used to take two steps... alone, without our help!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Thinking Thoughts

I'm sitting here, I'm suppose to be working... but instead I've been getting a little caught up in my thoughts. GG is sleeping peacefully beside me in his rockin' pod. He went to sleep holding his bottle, he started holding it all on his own yesterday. He is so precious. He's currently pooping in the potty 98% of the time and peeing in it about 40% of the time. We're getting there! He's only pooped in a diaper once this week that I'm aware of and that's because we were at my doctor's appointment... and you guessed it - he went right before the doctor walked in, so yeah.... however he was ready for that nasty mess to be off of his booty immediately! What a little stinker! He's so intelligent!!

Chris and I have been married for 4 years as of Tuesday. Sometimes it seems so much longer though. I feel like I've just always known him. It's crazy to think about the fact that we meet in July and got married on the 2nd of September - yes, in the same year. Everyone probably thought we had gone insane! We were both not long out of failed relationships. We each prayed to find the person meant for us and God came through... much quicker than we ever could have expected. When I think about my life before it feels almost as if it was the life of someone else entirely. I wanted to write this post up before our anniversary, but ran out of time... better late than never!

     You have given me more than I could have imagined was possible. You love me passionately and unconditionally. I don't think anyone else realizes just how truly wonderful you are.. at least not to the extent that I do. You stood by me in the beginning and rode  the wave of emotions I was on,with me. Always my shoulder to cry on, always there to keep me on my feet when the tides crushed in around my head. You were perceptive enough to know that while I truly loved you, I was still going through the pain of a failed marriage & relationship that had lasted nearly half my life. You held me when I felt like I was too weak and needed to feel the strength of another person. You lifted me up and made me laugh when I thought all laughter had died for me. You also let me be there for you and help you through all that you were going tackling. Together we were able to stand and fight our raging seas. God knew exactly what he was doing with us!

      I'd go through everything all over again just to end up with you. In the past 4 years you have shown me what true love is. You never let a day go by without telling me that I'm beautiful/sexy/pretty/amazing - you will never know how much just that in itself means to me. You have helped me build my confidence level to where it should have been all along. With you I have become the woman I was meant to be, the wife that I am and now the mother that I am still learning how to be. You have always made time for me and showered me with attention and affection - 4 years later and you still do, everyday, and that my dear is a HUGE deal! You miss me when we're apart and voice the sentiment. You love me as I love you. It's wonderful to know that I am so loved. 

     Chris, you have well exceeded my expectations of you as a husband AND a father. You are loving, protective, unbelievably smart and a total push over when it comes to our son. I love you even more than I did in the beginning. My love for you grows leaps and bounds each and every day. I pray that as GG gets older he will realize what a truly wonderful father he has - I'm sure he will! Thank you for being all that you are. I wouldn't have you any other way (even when you leave shoes all over the house!). I love you sweetheart, to the moon and back; as far as the east is from the west; as much as the sky and more, I love you.

     Forever. Diona

Thursday, August 28, 2014

4 Months!

Our little man turned 4 months on Monday! He's 27" long & 14 lbs, 15 ozs.

He is developing his personality and we're loving every minute!  He's hitting all of his milestones along with some he shouldn't be hitting yet. After his doctor's appointment yesterday we went baby food shopping - he got the okay. I started him on sweet peas last night, mixed with his oatmeal somewhat. He wasn't too sure about it to begin with, but he warmed up to the different taste quite quickly.

GG can't sit up unassisted yet, but he's working on it. He's been rolling over onto his tummy for weeks now. He found his toes a few weeks back and won't leave them alone. They're the next best thing when a toy isn't handy and sometimes he prefers them instead.

If he has something, you're not getting it without a fight AND he's becoming very opinionated. Oh, and if he sees something he wants he's not afraid to let you know - with a quickness! So watch out world!

Oatmeal is still his most favorite thing to eat for the time being. That may change now that he's getting more foods, I'm sure it will. I think he's going to love food as much as me! He already mmmm's and makes other "this is yummy" sounds when he's eating.

His alligator has been demoted, Mr. Moose is currently his favorite.

Me & Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin) is still the only thing song I can turn on that can not only calm him down, but get him to sleep as well. He's been on a kick lately, especially when we're in the car, where he loves for me to sign to him. His favorite song is Father Abraham and he wants to hear it over... and over... and over... I am SO unbelievably tired of that song!! I've tried others, but he cries until I go back to it. Gosh, I love this little bugger so much, even in all of his moodiness.

Friday, August 15, 2014


What person anywhere can justify being normal?

Our son is not normal, he is beyond normal. He is advanced and intelligent. It shows in all the milestones he hits well ahead of time. He catches on so fast. He is such a happy little one the majority of the time. However, there's a very fine line between GG being okay and GG not being okay.

GG has SPD Sensory Processing Disorder (sometimes called "sensory integration" or SI). Sensory Processing
is a term that refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses. Whether you are biting into a hamburger, riding a bicycle, or reading a book, your successful completion of the activity requires processing sensation or "sensory integration."

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD, formerly known as "sensory integration dysfunction") is a condition that exists when sensory signals don't get organized into appropriate responses. SPD is likened to a neurological "traffic jam" that prevents certain parts of the brain from receiving the information needed to interpret sensory information correctly.

GG is hypersensitive, his brain receives the information from the senses and misreads it. Much of the time he feels as if he is in danger. Other times, it’s too much stimulation all at once. Think of how you feel when you have a pounding headache and every little thing bothers you, making your pain worse and your temper short. Most of us don’t notice the hum of a fluorescent light, but a child who is hypersensitive does. Children with hypersensitivity can become afraid or aggressive if someone touches them.

Most children with SPD are just as intelligent as their peers. Many are intellectually gifted. Their brains are simply wired differently. I believe that GG is already showing signs of being gifted even though he is still so very young.

Due to his SPD GG cannot handle too much stimulation in the form of too many new things (places and/or people) and cannot deal with being handed around from person to person too much. He gets over stimulated, sometimes easier than other times, and has a break down in the form of screaming, crying fits. At times these fits can last for a day or more, but mostly just hours upon hours. Sometimes he can be comforted, sometimes nothing seems to help other than just giving him some alone time.

Those with SPD feel things much more intensely than others.

So if you see us and we don't hand him over, please remember that it's nothing against you. He comes first; his health; his well being; his happiness - these are more important to us than the possibility of hurting your feelings.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Nifty IPhone App

How many of you out there have heard of Mango Health? It's an app for iphones. I downloaded it sometime last year to help me keep up with when to take my daily medication. I'm sure you're wondering what this has to do with GG, so hang in there and I promise to get to that! I have a beta blocker that has to be taken twice a day for my heart. I was having a really hard time remembering it everyday so I went in search of something, anything really that could help me out that was designed strictly for medication. That's how I came across Mango Health. Once it alerts you and you take your medication you click a button that states: "I Took It". Every day that you take your meds correctly you get points for that day. 

As you earn points you get put into a drawing to win gift cards or you can even donate to a cause. A few weeks ago I hit level 7 and I got a message that tells me I won. I chose a $75 dollar gift card to target. That's right- $75 dollars and all I had to do was keep up with my medicine. Not only do I always take my meds with Mango Health, but I'm also earning points and with each new level I have another chance to win. I think it's pretty darn nifty.

Now, what pray tell did I buy with this gift card? Goodies for GG! I still have almost $10 on the card after buying him a pair of jean shorts and the three toys below:

Fisher-Price® Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy

Fisher-Price Deluxe Stroller Activity Center


I do have to admit that Scout and the stroller activity center are our favorites. Scout can plug into a smartphone and be customized. Not only does he say GG's name, but he also spells it and relates to favorite color, food and animal. The stroller activity center has been going everywhere with us. It fits on GG's rock 'n play sleeper as well as his car seat and he loves it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Building a Tribe.

Hello again friends. I hope Father's Day was wonderful for all of you out there! We took a family picture to commemorate the day - same as we did on Mother's Day!

GG is growing like a little weed! It blows my mind that he's getting so big. In exactly one week our little man will be 2 months old. It's so crazy!! I love that he's cooing more and making eye contact. He's also just started flailing around a lot. Oh, and he's so close to laughing out loud. He tries so hard to laugh and talk, but not much really comes out yet. While I do miss him being a tiny baby I'm thrilled that his personality is beginning to come out.

Now to the real meaning of my post: Building a Tribe. If you've never heard of Tara Wagner you should check her out. I have been inspired by her for a long time now. She has some amazing ideas not just for parenting, but for being a spiritual, functional, happy woman. One of her stances is that every woman needs a tribe. It wasn't until I became a mom that this actually hit me. I suddenly have this realization that I need other women, specifically other moms, that I can connect with. I need other women that carry some of the same ideals and parenting styles that I myself have. I wasn't raised in the way that I want to raise GG and I know that there are going to be times that I need advice and guidance. I would also like to be there to advise and guide other women when they need it. I want a tribe. I currently have my husband, Chris, my "person" Jenna and a few other good friends, not to mention some wonderful family members, but I need so much more than that.

After searching around, getting the word out and sharing what I was looking for in a mommy group with no luck I have decided to build one.. ergh.. start one I should say. I've begun a facebook group and am so happy to see it growing! I cannot wait for our first meet up/play date. I'm not only excited to be finding like minded mommies, but I love the idea of GG getting friends out of it that he can grow up with!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

KidCo PeaPod Travel Bed

I'm so excited that GG's PeaPod came in yesterday! I spent several days over the past couple of weeks researching mini portable cribs and other contraptions trying to find the perfect item that could be taken with us to the beach, on camping trips, going to the pool and even if we decided to go out fishing for a day. Nothing I found seemed to be exactly what I was looking for until I came across the KidCo PeaPod travel bed. Before you ask, no this is not a sponsored post - I'm just THIS EXCITED about it! I wanted something that I would be able to put GG in, but not something as structured/boxed in and hard to carry around as the portable cribs can be. I also wanted something that wouldn't get too hot and UV protection is a must! We have a pack 'n play, but I'm certain it would get very old having to pack it up all of the time. We live in Florida and the summers here are meant for the beach or a swimming pool, so we will be traveling a lot once GG has his shots.

It's a perfect fit for what I was looking for. Here are the specs per where I ordered ours from:

The KidCo PeaPod Travel Bed features a compact, portable design that makes it a great sleep environment for short visits or long trips. This travel bed is surrounded by lightweight mesh that promotes air flow and acts as an insect screen. This 2.5-pound travel bed folds and fits into a carry-on suitcase. The UV protection and anchor straps for ground attachment are welcome features for outdoor use.

  • Lightweight mesh, great for airflow and as an insect screen
  • Self-contained Micro-lite sleeping pad
  • Comes fully assembled with sleeping pad attached to outside bottom of PeaPod
  • Sleeping pad can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Large front zipper panel for easy access
  • UV protection
  • Package contents: One (1) travel bed with removable sleeping pad, inflatable mattress, and carrying bag
  • JPMA Certified: Yes
  • Mattress included: Inflatable air mattress
  • Assembly required: No
  • Recommended age: 3 years old
  • Materials: Metal/nylon
  • Color: Cranberry
  • Brand: Kidco
  • Model: P3010
  • Dimensions (closed): 16.5 inches high x 3 inches wide x 16.5 inches long
  • Dimensions (open): 18 inches high x 28 inches wide x 46 inches long

Here are some pictures that I took in case anyone wants a better view. Click on image for larger view.

Btw - I was able to get this item with free shipping plus $10 off of the order at!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Someone... quick, stop the clock!

The only thing that stays the same is everything changes everything changes.

 I cannot believe that a month and nine days has gone by since GG entered this world! A week and a half ago he'd already grown out of his newborn clothes and moved up to the 0-3 months ones. I'm almost 31, so I've had a handle on just how fast time goes for many years now, but THIS!?! This has pushed it to a whole new level! Where did my teeny tiny little newborn go?

GG spent his first week in the hospital, on the third day he was transferred to the NICU for observation. There was risk of a seizure, which in newborns can be very dangerous. We are so lucky and blessed that he got to come home exactly 7 days after his birth! I cannot get over how much he changes on a daily bases. I still stare at him for hours and find it hard to ever put him down. Sharing him is tough, but I know that if others love him even half as much as I do- it would just be plain cruel for me not to let them spend time holding him and loving on him. Besides, I can still watch him when someone else is holding him!

GG has colic along with a few sensory issues. The sensory issues have been gradually getting better, the colic not so much, but we deal the best we can - even if it means mommie has to stay up most of the night rocking our little man. I know that this is just phase in his life that, like that teeny tiny little newborn we use to hold, will be gone quicker than we can imagine. I'm trying to cherish every single second: from the nasty poops, the sleepless nights, and all the amazing things in between because once this is gone, there's no getting it back!

So many times in the past I've been told, as I'm sure hundreds of you have - "It's different when it's yours."  As cliche as it sounds, it's true. I love my nieces and nephews and I never would have imagined that I could love any child more than I love them and maybe it's not that I love GG more, but it's on a completely different scale. I love him with every ounce of my soul. I can't remember what our lives were without him in it.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Writing use to be my niche. I started blogging over 14 years ago, back before I really even knew what blogging was. I've always loved words. Reading and writing became a passion of mine at a very early age. Over the years I've gone from writing platforms to websites and back again. This however, is something more to me - it's not just going to be an account of day to day happenings now that I'm a mom, but also a resource for other new moms out there... I hope!

This is such an exciting time!

I may be new to motherhood, but it's something I've longed for, for such a very long time. I've had years to research and determine how I'd want to raise my child - years to figure out what type of mom I want to be. Chris and I have had many long discussions over the past several years not just about what parenting means to us, but how we as parents want to be. I'm sure the we have many challenges to face in the future, we're carving a whole new path for ourselves and our son. We are venturing into a role of parenting that is our ideal, almost other worldly in comparison to how we were raised. Welcome to our journey!