Friday, October 31, 2014

1/2 of a year already!

Little G turned 6 months last Saturday, he keeps me so busy that I'm a week late with this post! He's 27 1/2" long & 16 lbs, 8 ozs. He got his first virus a few weeks back and lost almost a pound, but he's been gradually getting it back.

He has such a personality! 

Not only is he hitting all of his milestones, but he's also hitting all of his 9 month milestones as well - I think we have an over achiever on our hands. He can go from laying on his back to sitting up in 0.5 seconds and is walking everywhere in his walker... even running and turning sharply - he chases the dogs all over the house! He also sits up all on his own, for as long as he wants. Last week started crawling forward (finally after doing it backwards for some time) and gets better (and faster) every day!

GG is grabbing anything he can get his hands on as well. If we're carrying him in a store we have to make sure to keep him away from the shelves. He can be a little stingy with his smiles though, unless you're a pretty girl. Yup, he's already a huge flirt!

He has a huge love for animals just like Chris and I. He's also really starting to enjoy visits to the zoo to watch all of the animals!

He has started "sharing" his food when you ask him for a bite and he's beginning to give mommie kisses nowadays. His favorite food these days? Big people food! He'd rather have real mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, mac'n cheese or bread any day. He still gets baby food, but he's started blowing it out some of the time. He typically gets baby food three times a day, big people food with two meals and then he's still drinking lots of formula throughout the day. My little man loves to eat!

He has three favorite toys: a Grover remote, his blue owl (lovie) and a round teether.

Me & Bobby McGee can still get him to sleep, but not always, however, if I'm playing any type of mellow indie song it will get him to sleep in no time. He still fights to stay awake at nap time... almost every time!!

Barney is his favorite thing to watch on t.v., Phineas and Ferb is second best. I've recently introduced him to The Nightmare Before Christmas (being the huge Tim Burton fan that I am) and he's begun to like it pretty good too.

If I had to guess, I'd say giraffes are high on his list of likes. When he sees one in a store (pillow, toy, plush, ext) his eyes light up, he gets excited and tries to go for it! Yup, that's my boy!!

Still going on the potty the majority of the time. When he was sick he had diarrhea and that's been the only time, with the exception of one accident, that he hasn't pooped in the potty. We're getting much better at catching him before he pees and getting him to the potty.

He's trying to pull up on everything and wants to walk so bad he can't stand it. He has a large red ball that he's recently used to take two steps... alone, without our help!!

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