Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where in the world have we been??

I cannot believe that I haven't posted any pictures on here since GG turned 6 months! He keeps mommie busy!

Month 7

At 7 months he began feeding himself more independently. He know who all of our immediate family is. He also started pulling up on just about EVERYTHING!

His favorite toy is his Super Grover remote along with his puzzles and of course Scout.

Month 8


At 8 months he began saying "taytay" for thank you. He started using a sippy cup and saying "da-da" as well. 

Month 9


At 9 months GG is 28" long, 18 lbs and 11 oz. He has been pointing to things he wants and LOVES to give kisses!!! His favorite thing to do is to climb up on things and also he enjoys to pretend to drive.

Month 10

At 10 months GG is 28" and 19 lbs. His eyes are a blue/grey hazel. He says "hi", "hey", "da-da" and waves. He's taken a few steps and had his first big accident by flipping his walker. 

His favorite song is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", he can do some of the motions. He also enjoys playing patty-cake and waving at everyone.... randomly. He gives HUGE hugs and big kisses now! Oh yeaaah, and we finally have two teeth!!

Tomorrow our little big man will be 11 months!!!


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    1. I KNOW!!! My baby is already gone. He's so grown up already and so independent!! O.o

      Mornings are the best though 'cause he's become a morning cuddle-bug! I love the hugs and kisses SO SO much!