Saturday, May 31, 2014


Writing use to be my niche. I started blogging over 14 years ago, back before I really even knew what blogging was. I've always loved words. Reading and writing became a passion of mine at a very early age. Over the years I've gone from writing platforms to websites and back again. This however, is something more to me - it's not just going to be an account of day to day happenings now that I'm a mom, but also a resource for other new moms out there... I hope!

This is such an exciting time!

I may be new to motherhood, but it's something I've longed for, for such a very long time. I've had years to research and determine how I'd want to raise my child - years to figure out what type of mom I want to be. Chris and I have had many long discussions over the past several years not just about what parenting means to us, but how we as parents want to be. I'm sure the we have many challenges to face in the future, we're carving a whole new path for ourselves and our son. We are venturing into a role of parenting that is our ideal, almost other worldly in comparison to how we were raised. Welcome to our journey!

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