Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Building a Tribe.

Hello again friends. I hope Father's Day was wonderful for all of you out there! We took a family picture to commemorate the day - same as we did on Mother's Day!

GG is growing like a little weed! It blows my mind that he's getting so big. In exactly one week our little man will be 2 months old. It's so crazy!! I love that he's cooing more and making eye contact. He's also just started flailing around a lot. Oh, and he's so close to laughing out loud. He tries so hard to laugh and talk, but not much really comes out yet. While I do miss him being a tiny baby I'm thrilled that his personality is beginning to come out.

Now to the real meaning of my post: Building a Tribe. If you've never heard of Tara Wagner you should check her out. I have been inspired by her for a long time now. She has some amazing ideas not just for parenting, but for being a spiritual, functional, happy woman. One of her stances is that every woman needs a tribe. It wasn't until I became a mom that this actually hit me. I suddenly have this realization that I need other women, specifically other moms, that I can connect with. I need other women that carry some of the same ideals and parenting styles that I myself have. I wasn't raised in the way that I want to raise GG and I know that there are going to be times that I need advice and guidance. I would also like to be there to advise and guide other women when they need it. I want a tribe. I currently have my husband, Chris, my "person" Jenna and a few other good friends, not to mention some wonderful family members, but I need so much more than that.

After searching around, getting the word out and sharing what I was looking for in a mommy group with no luck I have decided to build one.. ergh.. start one I should say. I've begun a facebook group and am so happy to see it growing! I cannot wait for our first meet up/play date. I'm not only excited to be finding like minded mommies, but I love the idea of GG getting friends out of it that he can grow up with!!

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